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About Us

We carry out every stage of our work with "pleasure." We love you, and therefore, we love what we do.

BRITISHOME Bedding was established in 1971, based in London, and has held a place in the hearts of people there until today.

From the moment of its establishment, it quickly became recognized in the sleep products industry and gained its position in the market, thanks to its emphasis on quality, openness to innovation, and determination to overcome challenges.

The experience gained in retail, along with the establishment of strong and long-term supplier relationships, led to the birth of britishomebedding.com in 1996, as the right environment for e-commerce. Unimaginably, it became the centerpiece of our business, progressing without being constrained by time or space differences.

With BRITISHOME Bedding, our dealers reach the final consumer in retail, promoting and marketing their products through the latest campaigns. BRITISHOME Bedding establishes a secure market between retailers and end consumers.

With the experience inherited from the past, BRITISHOME Bedding strives to maximize customer satisfaction. It ensures that the friendly and warm service provided in stores is also felt online.

We work hard to prevent any obstacles that could overshadow this happiness at every stage, both before and after sales. The satisfaction feedback reaching up to 99.2% motivates us for the better, and we carry out every stage of our work with "pleasure."

BRITISHOME Bedding, guided by the principle that Quality is Never a Coincidence, never compromises on its quality and discipline.

Believing that the path to success begins with setting goals, BRITISHOME Bedding aims for our services to reach wider audiences. Starting with a small team in its early years, we have managed to become a large family today.