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Miranda Set

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Give it a nostalgic atmosphere with Miranda Set. It combines classic style with elegance and elegance, while its woodwork and elegant details add a noble air to your bedroom.

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Product Description

Miranda Set, Classic and Peaceful

The Miranda Set is an ideal choice for those known for their passion for interior design and furniture design. With this set, you can create a warm, peaceful and classic space in your bedroom for a dreamlike sleep experience. Combining modern comfort with the nobility of classic style, this headboard, bed, plinth, set will bring a privileged atmosphere to your home and offer a elegance that will not get old over time.


Miranda Set Content

The team includes the Miranda Crate Base, Miranda Hood and Quantum Pocket Spring Bed.


Miranda Set Properties

For a bedroom decoration with a solid base and aesthetics, the Miranda bed plinth headboard set evokes the grandeur of the classic style. It reaches the heights of elegance with its impeccable workmanship and carefully selected materials. The set equips your bedroom with a unique nostalgic atmosphere, while also combining comfort and functionality. The headboard of the bed adds a noble air to your room with its woodwork and elegant details, while the plinth offers a solid structure supported by high-quality materials. It also makes it easier to organize your room thanks to the storage space. The classic style of the set will be a symbol of timeless elegance and will leave a lasting impression in your bedroom.


Miranda Sandikli Plinth

Framework; On the steel construction skeleton, MDF plate was mounted and velvet fabric was laid with cotton wool wadding and sponge. 6 in Single Miranda Sets, 12 in Double Miranda Sets, supporting feet, and profile scarves, where you can put as many items as you want in the storage section. The Miranda Sandbox Base has shock absorber systems, rear support shears and stabilizer safety locks that it uses in its covers.


Quantum bed

It increases the natural flow of positive energy during one's sleep and provides energy balance and harmony for both body and mind. So you sleep soundly throughout the night, refresh and wake up with the best awakening. With the spine support system designed with 5 separate zone pocket spring system, the feeling of fatigue is reduced by giving separate support to each part of the body.


As a result of the arrangement of pocket springs with different meeting resistances obtained by using steel wire with different characteristics in 5 different regions in accordance with the human anatomy in the bed construction, balanced support of body weight is ensured and an ergonomic bed surface is created. In this way, optimal pressure is provided at every point for the body. The Micro pocket spring layer used in the quantum bed is shaped according to the weight of the body and provides maximum superficial contact without obstructing blood circulation and causes less need to turn during sleep. 



If you can't get enough sleep, you can't get rid of the tiredness of stressful days, and if you feel tired no matter how long you stay in bed, it's clear what your problem is. The problem of sweating during sleep... The secret to eliminating this problem and waking up energetic and fit for the new day is in Quantum Bed.



Get rid of stress with K.C Quantum with Stress Relief Pocket spring and high-density feather sponge... Research shows that the high static electricity charged in our body in our daily lives stimulates the production of cortisol, which in turn causes insomnia and sleep disorders.  The special fabric structure of the K.C Quantum mattress lowers body voltage, which results in a lower cortisol level and a deeper and more restful sleep. During a good night's sleep, the natural sleep movements that occur with the support and comfort that Pocket springs offer to your body allow the muscles to relax.

Thanks to a specially designed system with the combined use of pocket spring and high-density sponge layer, ideal spine support is provided to different body types. The special design, which adapts to every lying down by reacting instantly to body movements during sleep, minimizes the strength of the comfort surface and reduces turns and involuntary movements during sleep, helping to prolong sleep time and increase sleep comfort.



Miranda Title

The main skeleton MDF material was preferred. After the flaps in the front parts of the head were made chester flooring with the help of MDf materials CNC, the lower main skeleton fiber, wool, cotton, wadding and sponge were added and laid with velvet fabric, the upper carving accessories were assembled and the production process was completed.


Miranda Complementary Products

Miranda Set preferably you can complete the decoration of your bedrooms with Miranda Nightstand and Miranda bench.


Miranda Set Care

The fabric swatches used in Miranda Base Bed Headboard Set are made of stain-free and easy-to-erase fabrics. For this reason, Miranda Base Bed Headboard Set can be cleaned by wiping the care easily with a damp cloth, a little detergent or soapy water. The only thing you need to pay attention to is that you should avoid contact with water for a long time on top of the surface.


Miranda Set Dimensions

Before buying a Miranda Set, we recommend that you get your room dimensions to be installed clearly The single Miranda Set is unfortunately not produced due to its design. The Double Miranda Set is available in standard sizes of 140-190, 150-200, 160-200, 180-200 and 200-200.

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How to Order from Abroad?

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▌This refund policy, in accordance with the Law No. 6502 on the Protection of Consumers, BHM Mağazacılık Mattress and Home Textiles Ltd.Şti. has been prepared for the purpose of clarifying the return conditions of the products purchased from the www.britishomebedding.com and all connected interactive applications and / or other online sales platforms.

▌All products must have their original labels in place and must be made with the original box and packaging.

▌The original box must be unworn, undamaged.

▌Return of damaged, incomplete, re-sellable products that cannot be purchased by a different customer is not accepted.

▌Refunds must be made together with the invoice by filling out the return form completely.

▌For mattress products; The protection sent with the bed should be passed to the scrap and delivered to the contracted logistics company.

▌Returns of products that contain any stains or are deformed cannot be accepted due to their ability to be offered for resale due to their return and hygiene conditions.


Products purchased in-store are not covered by this return policy.

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You can entrust your furniture to us! By using the "Escrow System" service offered free of charge by BRITISHOME Bedding to all its customers, you can receive the products you have ordered at any time up to 1 year in the future.


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You can make your payment in prepayment when you place an order. This option is a quick and easy payment method. Prepaid Sales; You can have it with a maturity of up to 12 months. In the campaign, the products are delivered if the installments are paid in full. It is a unique campaign for those who are going to get married. We are able to hold the products for you for up to 1 year.


At Britishome Bedding, we strive to provide an option to suit each customer's payment needs. It's important to us to ensure you have a comfortable shopping experience with secure shopping and easy payment options. If you would like further information or assistance with any payment option, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service.


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