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Hotel & Dormitory Beds

Britishome Bedding is a reliable brand that offers bedding solutions specially designed for hotel and dormitory businesses. We offer our customers a unique experience with quality and elegance combined with years of experience, with mattresses suitable for every need. We will examine in detail the mattress types specially produced by Britishome Bedding and their competitive prices.


Types of Mattresses Designed for Ideal Sleep

As Britishome Bedding, we offer mattress solutions for all kinds of tastes and needs. Here are some of our special mattress types:


▌Royal Comfort Series: Offering a luxurious bed experience that will make your guests feel like kings, the Royal Comfort Series provides superior comfort with its specially designed interior structure.

▌Eco-Friendly Series: Produced with an environmentally friendly approach, these mattresses are equipped with natural and recyclable materials. It offers an alternative that is both comfortable and environmentally friendly.

▌Memory Foam Series: Offering a soft and supportive sleep experience, the Memory Foam Series is made of special foams that adapt perfectly to the body. In this way, it minimizes insomnia and pain.

▌Economic Choice Series: Designed for those looking for a budget-friendly option, the Economy Choice Series offers affordable bed options. It offers mattress options that fit your budget without sacrificing quality.


Competitive Prices

As Britishome Bedding, we have a mission to offer quality and comfort at affordable prices. We offer a variety of price options to suit the needs of hotel and dormitory businesses. We provide our customers with the best price-quality balance by offering mattress options suitable for their budgets. We also offer attractive discounts and special offers on bulk orders.


Our Customer Satisfaction Principle

As Britishome Bedding, we aim to keep customer satisfaction at the highest level. While we offer mattress solutions suitable for the needs of your business, we also guide you with our expert team. We aim for excellence at every stage of the service we offer to our customers.



Britishome Bedding has served and gained trust for many customers in the hotel and dormitory industry for many years. Thanks to our customer satisfaction-oriented service approach, we are preferred by many prestigious hotels and dormitory organizations. Some of our references:





Ease of Order and Delivery

You will experience the ease of working with Britishome Bedding. You can quickly place your orders online and receive your products reliably. Thanks to our extensive delivery network, we serve our customers worldwide.


Britishome Bedding is a reliable brand that offers bedding solutions specially designed for hotel and dormitory businesses. High quality, diversity, competitive prices and customer satisfaction are among our values that we adopt as a principle. You can rely on Britishome Bedding's mattress solutions to improve the comfort and sleep quality of your business. Please contact us for more information, to get a quote or to contact us for special requests.